9 Things You Need To Know About Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is not just a symptom of menopause. It’s a very common problem experienced by plenty of women. If you look to your left and right, it’s likely one of you women has experienced the itchiness, irritation, burning and pain of vaginal dryness. But it’s not something you should suffer in silence. Find out more about vaginal dryness and what you can do about it.

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5 Christmas Gifts To Self!

You did some last minute scrambling for presents - fretting over what to buy for your friends and family, jostling in the crowd and queues for long hours at the departmental store. But have you forgot all about yourself? So this year, why not get yourself a present for a change. Here’s 5 christmas gift ideas that doesn’t cost you a bomb that would make you happy!
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The Low Down About Cranberry Down There

Cranberries are the highly talked about “super food” that this generation has been encouraged to consume more of. In particular, cranberry is linked to good vaginal health. But how exactly? And does it mean that downing a bottle of cranberry juice = bye bye UTIs? Read on to find out just how to bust that bad bacteria and say hello to a balanced pH down there.

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Eat Right and Feel Sexy!

If you’re thinking about getting into the sheets with your darling, but are feeling a little iffy about how you’re doing down there, check out what you’re feeding that cat of yours! Some foods can boost vaginal health, while some others are friends of yeast infections and stinky odours. Find out which local foods get thumbs up, and which you should eat less of!

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Say Yes To Mums Supporting Mums

Babies! They’re so super cute but they’re also a bundle of sleepless nights and shrieking crying bouts! Being a mum is already a crazy tough job, so what say you us mums stick together and support each other all the way! Here are some of the best ways we can show that support when it’s needed the most.

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7 Things I Wish My Mother Had Taught Me

Boys. Beauty. Embarrassing body stuff. Don’t you ever wish that your mother had taught you about some of the most important things in life? It might have saved you a heartache or two! Or what about all the stuff that you studied in school – Mathematics, and History… now if only we were taught instead how to count our blessings and learn from our mistakes in the past – that would have been super useful!

So here’s 7 preeeeeetty important stuff we sure wished we had known earlier!

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