Girl Talk 101: Topics to Tackle Today with your Squad

Girl talk is one of the most sacred things females do. However, what females often forget to chat about during girl talk are the issues that are the most important. These are the kind of topics that leave females feeling trapped, confused, and embarrassed, and such topics should not be ignored.

So whether you’re a sister, best friend, aunt or mother, here are some topics you should be tackling today with your girl squad.
  • Chantal McCulligh

The Things You Never Knew your Vagina Will Do During Pregnancy

Seeing a smiley-face on that pregnancy test can be just as terrifying as it is exciting. So decrease the fear and uneasiness of pregnancy by learning all about the vagina changes you can expect from the new pregnancy hormones that are about to take over.

  • Chantal McCulligh

What to Do When Your Nether Regions Sweat

Sweating up a smell down there is never fun. There’s nothing desirable about an odd aroma, discomfort and underwear insecurities. So, let’s discover what you can do to keep the scents and risk of infection at bay!

  • Chantal McCulligh

7 Things You Do Daily That Are Damaging to Your Vagina

It’s quite shocking to discover that the ordinary things you do can actually be quite damaging to your vagina. Since a healthy vagina is a happy vagina – and a happy lady, it’s time to start treating yourself better below the belt. Here are 7 things you may do daily that are damaging to your vagina.

  • Chantal McCulligh

Underwear Rules for a Healthy and Happy Vagina

Your vagina really doesn’t care about the brand name of your underwear, your favorite lingerie store or the colours of the latest styles. However, your vagina does care about the styles and fabrics it wears.  Find out if your fashion obsession is doing more harm than it is good for your lady bits, and implement these changes into your undergarment drawer to ensure a healthy and happy vagina.

  • Chantal McCulligh

How to Keep Your Vagina Fresh After a Workout

You’ve just worked up a sweat but don’t have time to shower. You don’t have to spend the rest of the day sticky, sweaty and smelly. With the incredible collection of vagina-fresh Vagisil products, you can easily give yourself a quick clean and continue to tackle the world like the amazing women you are. Here is what you can do when in a time-crunch after a workout session.


  • Chantal McCulligh